Regular dental cleanings are essential because it’s so tricky to clean your teeth thoroughly every time. They are one of the most effective, simple, and economical ways of maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. Precision Dental’s hygienists are committed to keeping your mouth healthy for life by offering the best teeth cleaning at our beautiful facilities in Astoria and Bayside, Queens, NY. We are also happy to offer deep dental cleaning procedures to help our patients battle early to advanced stages of gum disease, preventing the infection from spreading and resulting in tooth loss.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Even if you brush your teeth meticulously and floss thoroughly every day, some dental plaque will still remain. The presence of dental plaque and tartar makes it easier for more plaque to build up over your tooth surfaces, and those harmful bacteria create acids and toxins as a byproduct. These infect and inflame your gums and erode tooth enamel, increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Professional dental cleaning involves removing all plaque and tartar buildup, helping you maintain healthy gums and teeth more easily, and maintaining fresh breath.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Teeth Cleanings?

Because it’s so tricky to clean your teeth thoroughly every time, those regular teeth cleaning appointments are essential. They are one of the most effective, easiest, and economical ways to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Usually, most people need to have their teeth cleaned at six-monthly intervals.

However, some people may benefit from seeing the hygienist more frequently, for example, if they have any existing dental health problems or other health complications that affect their oral health. If this is the case, these are factors that your dentist can discuss during your initial appointment. During your first visit to a dentist in Astoria, they will want to look at your complete medical history, including information about any medications you use, and they will carry out a complete dental checkup. The information allows them to decide how frequently you need dental checkups and, of course, dental cleanings.

What to Expect During the Hygiene Visit?

During your regular dental cleaning, your hygienist will examine your teeth carefully, and they may use a special probe to take detailed measurements around your teeth. This is to measure the space between each tooth and the gum. These measurements are recorded and compared at each visit. They can tell your hygienist if you have any signs of gum disease and if your gum health has worsened from one visit to the next. Your dental hygienist will also check your general dental health and especially if you aren’t seeing the dentist during this visit. They can check for any signs of tiny lesions in teeth or anything suspicious and, if necessary, can take dental x-rays and refer you to the dentist.

Another thing your hygienist can do during this appointment is to review your oral care routine with you. Your hygienist can talk to you about which toothbrush is best to use, can recommend suitable toothpaste, and discuss how to clean your teeth more thoroughly. They can show you better brushing techniques and how to make sure you clean each tooth surface as you brush.

What Does Routine Dental Teeth Cleaning Involve?

Next, your hygienist can gently yet thoroughly clean your teeth. It’s a process that removes hardened plaque, a substance called tartar or calculus. If calculus buildup is particularly bad, you can even see it around the gumline as it looks yellowish and crusty and rather unpleasant. The tartar is removed using ultrasonic instruments to loosen it, and special hand tools will scrape it away thoroughly. This is a process called scaling. Once all the tartar is removed, your teeth are carefully polished. Teeth polishing is a particularly nice part of the treatment because it helps to remove some surface stains. Afterward, you will notice your teeth look a bit brighter, and they should have a lovely shine. It’s a great treatment for refreshing your smile and also helps leave you with better breath.

How Much Does a Dental Cleaning Cost in Astoria?

The average cost of a dental cleaning in Astoria is between $75 and $400. Dental insurance will normally cover the majority, if not all, of that expense once or twice a year.

Does My Insurance Pay for Teeth Cleaning?

Dental insurance typically covers two cleanings each year, spaced six months apart. Deep cleaning is more costly than a standard cleaning, though, so you could have to foot some of the bill.

If you need cleanings more frequently than every six months, such as every couple of months, you can also be expected to pay the whole cost of the cleaning. Patients with diabetes and other medical conditions might need to get their teeth cleaned more frequently than every six months. Your dental insurance provider can cover a portion of the expense if you have a medical necessity for frequent tooth cleanings. The specifics depend on the insurance provider and plan.

How Long Does Dental Teeth Cleaning Take?

Dental cleaning should just take 30 minutes if you practice proper dental hygiene and your teeth are healthy. However, if you have cavities and tartar buildup, the same procedure might take up to an hour.

How Often Do I Need To Have A Dental Cleaning?

You should have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. You may need more or fewer cleanings, though, depending on your risk factors. One cleaning per year may be sufficient for those with good oral health and dental hygiene, whereas three cleanings every three months may be necessary for others. Your dental hygienist can help you develop a healthy cleaning schedule.

Precision Dental in Queens, NY, is committed to providing the most comprehensive services to our patients in Astoria and Bayside. We can handle all aspects of your dental care under one roof, so if you need a routine dental cleaning or deep cleaning, choose one of our nearby facilities and prevent future oral health problems while also maintaining the natural brightness of your smile.

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