Modern dentistry provides tooth loss patients with numerous options for replacing missing teeth. While dental implants are a popular and effective tooth replacement option, mini dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred alternative for people who want to secure upper or lower dentures or replace single or multiple teeth. Precision Dental’s board-certified oral surgeon and experienced periodontist in Astoria and Bayside, Queens, NY, are well-versed in the latest implant placement techniques, such as mini implants, and strive to help restore the functionality and beauty of your smile.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants are similar to traditional dental implants but are much smaller and narrower in diameter. They have a screw design incorporating the abutment and are inserted straight through the gum and into the jawbone, eliminating the need for supplemental procedures and stitches and ensuring faster and more comfortable recovery.

Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?

Because of their narrower diameter, mini dental implants don’t need as much bone as traditional implants and are more suitable for people who have lost some of their jawbones or who have a jawbone that is naturally thinner and weaker. Mini dental implants are also often used to hold dentures securely in place, as they have special fittings that allow a denture to be clipped firmly onto the implants, giving the user greater biting strength and greatly improved stability.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Dental Implants?

Some of the benefits of getting mini dental implants as opposed to regular implants include:

However, mini dental implants also come with several limitations, such as:

Mini dental implants can be an excellent solution in specific situations. When you see your implant dentist, they can discuss all options available with you, allowing you to make an informed treatment choice.

What Is the Procedure for Having Mini Dental Implants?

Placing mini dental implants is a relatively quick procedure because the implants are inserted directly through your gums. Often, treatment is carried out using local anesthetic because it is so quick. The dental specialist in Astoria will drill a tiny hole in the jawbone and then screw the mini implant into place.

Once in place, a mini dental implant can support a single tooth, or multiple implants can firmly secure loose dentures. If you receive a mini dental implant to replace a small tooth, you may have to wait a little longer for your permanent implant tooth. Meanwhile, your implant dentist can restore your smile with a temporary tooth, allowing you to speak and smile confidently. The temporary tooth is replaced with your permanent implant crown once the implant has healed, which might take several months.

If you require a mini dental implant denture, the denture may most likely be fitted immediately following your implant surgery. This is due to the denture’s ability to splint the mini dental implants together, ensuring they do not move during healing, which is critical. Your denture may be temporary or permanent.

How Is Mini Dental Implant Surgery Planned?

Mini dental implant treatment is planned the same way as for full-sized implants, using guided surgery to place them. The whole process can be broken down into two steps:

Properly planning the implant surgery allows your doctor to assess how well your implant teeth will perform once treatment is complete, making sure they offer you the best functionality and appearance available.

How Long Does It Take to Recover after Mini Dental Implant Surgery?

Recovery from mini implants is usually quick and painless. After the treatment, there will be some swelling, but it should go down in about two days. The gum tissue should also heal in a week. It will take longer for the jaw bone to recover, but the pain and sensitivity ought to disappear after the first month.

We offer several types of implants, including mini dental implants, at our Astoria & Bayside locations in Queens. Discover you’re a candidate for mini implants during an examination and evaluation with Dr. Alexander Bokser, our skilled implant dentist, and Dr. Irene Bokser, our expert periodontist.

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